A Common Kingdom

blogA worthwhile question to ask before starting any endeavour is ‘why?’ With blogging this question is especially pertinent. There are over 200,000 blog posts published every day on WordPress alone. What does my voice add to that cacophony?

The answer is, I hope, some encouragement and positivity. A Common Kingdom will be a blog about what it means to follow Jesus. Not a radical idea, I realise, but nevertheless one that I hope can bring value to your lives.

For me, Christianity should be lived in community. Mostly in person. That said, sharing experiences of God online to build each other up is a valuable element of 21st century faith. I would love it if A Common Kingdom were somewhere that we can explore belief in an open and positive way. We have a generous and inclusive God, and I’d love this blog to reflect this truth.

Another ‘why’ is that being creative is part of what makes us human, and reflects the image of God within us. Just as our heavenly father creates, so do we; whether that be music, painting, woodworking, writing or any other way in which you care to express yourself. I’m pretty terrible at most things on that list, but writing I can do! I trust I will encourage you in your journey with God.

Finally, the vast majority of the progressive Christian blogs I read and enjoy are American. There doesn’t seem to be as much content being generated here in the UK, and I’d like to be part of the conversation. Whilst I love our cousins in the U.S., I think there are some subtle differences in how we see the world on this side of the Atlantic, and I’d like to articulate that.

My aim is to post something new here every week, probably on a Saturday morning. For me, quality content is important, and rushing to get a blog out every day, or even every three days is not worth it. I’d rather take my time producing something I know is great and I believe you’ll enjoy.

I want to finish this post with a quote from Brian McLaren that inspired me recently. “Whatever we learn about the secret message of Jesus should make us want to seek more, learn more, experience more.” That’s my heart; to seek more, to learn more and to experience more of Him. I pray this blog, and your experiences could be part of that.


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